The music welcomes you !

The Vasarely-method welcomes you.

Come and discover that the Vasarely-method is more than an ordanary pianoschool.

In our school, already at young age, you become immediatly friends with your keyboard. But also people who think it’s already too late to learn to play the piano are largely taken into consideration.

It’s never too early, never too late to discover his musical talents.

You will notice very quickly, wathever your age may be, that the musical Vasarely initiation-method is based on simple but efficient principles :

-          The pleasure of playing an instrument immediately

-          The pleasure of constant learning on your own rithme

-          The pleasure of being able to play all the styles of music.

All students are, after a few months of immediate contact with the piano, able to play sonatines of Mozart, Menuettes of Bach, modern music or jazz.

Everything starts with a specific pedagogical approach :

-          At first, physical contact with the piano

-          Afterwards optimalizing the musical feeling by letting the student play with fun.

-          Learning the notes starts immediately at the piano

Everybody is welcome at the Vasarely-method. There are no demands, no limits.

You can start whenever you want, at any time of year.

In our school you can register for a new weeks to test the Vasarely-method, to follow a few initiation-lessons or to look at some videosessions.

Everything is tried to create a strong alliance between student and piano.

Please come on over and get persuaded by the familiar and warm atmosphere there is in our school.

If you are interested in pianolessons for your child or yourself, the Vasarely-method offers you the chance to (without obligations for a long period) :

-          Try the method

-          Experiment yourself

-          Get to know the content of our education

-          Discover a wide variety of different possibilities

Make an appointment for an interview or a free videopresentation and you will get an answer to all your questions.

Phone us at 02/647.19.28 or 0475/95.79.06.